Saturday, April 7, 2012

Upheavals and Epiphanies

Last week I had one job.  Then, for a day or so this week, I had two jobs.  Now I have a completely different job than the one I had last week!  Did that make sense to you?  It barely made sense to me.  The point is that this week has been a giant upheaval.  Thankfully, I had the dishcloths to help me through... I am just about half way through the 6th cloth, by the way.

I have found that I have a significant number of epiphanies during yoga class.  Something about the music and the movement and all that.  This past week's epiphany involves a brilliant knitting book that I will be writing.  I cannot say more about it here, too public.  Also it is still in the very preliminary stages and could change dramatically.  In order to become more dramatic, of course.

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