Thursday, April 19, 2012


I really, really want to knit something lace.  I cannot stop thinking about all the possibilities for patterns, yarns, needles, colors, fibers... the list goes on and on and around and around.  Now, I have told myself sternly that I already have a number of perfectly lovely projects going, even a number of perfectly lovely lace projects but will I listen?  No.  They are not the right kind of lace, is what I say.  This lace craving will only be satisfied with the sort of lace that comes from a dizzying pattern, knit in ridiculously expensive yarn.  It must take about a quarter of a lifetime to knit and another to block but be jaw dropping when worn.

So far I have not given in.  If I have my way, I shall not give in.  This knitting voice though, she is persistant...

I told you I have knit a lot of dish cloths.  This is the work of about a week.

I also foolishly decided to write down all the projects I have going right now.  Foolish because now I am feeling overwhelmed by them.  When they are an unknown mass of plastic bags in a bin, I have no problem casting on another neon dish cloth or a head wrap in hand spun.  When I have a list, I feel required to actually finish these poor UFOs.

My lovely yarn from Briar Rose Fibers along side the petoskey stones in our backyard.  I love this yarn too much to knit it.  So I photograph it instead.

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  1. you can do it! (all of your projects I mean). Those dishcloths look incredible!!