Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Ann Arbor Knitters

After a week of hard work, I am off on a spontaneous trip to Ann Arbor!  Well, actually I have already left and arrived.  You are a bit behind, but that is where this post comes in.  I have once more returned to the house where I spent my final year and a half of college.  The house where, by the time I left, I had taught five people how to knit and reminded a few more that they could and should pull out their needles again.

Today I have done a lot of knitting and even more knitting appreciation!  I restarted my mother's felted purse for the third time, helped Laura through a confusing pattern, played show and tell with Anna, and heard tales of triumph and woe from the rest!

I am off to have lots of adventures with all of these lovelies:

While I look for supplies to make my Aquaman costume (which should look something like this)...

And find someone to make me this cake for my birthday!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Celia! Great to have you back with us!!! =D