Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dishcloth Blues

Thanks to the Mason-Dixon Knitters, I have become obsessed with knitting dishcloths.  I may write a song about it.  Although it probably wouldn't be a blues song.  I LOVE knitting dishcloths!  So maybe a pop -rock song about being in a club, throwing back tequila shots and knitting?  I'm thinking instant Top 40 hit here.

So dishcloths.  They are fun, colorful, fast, easy, versatile, and I can try out all of my crazy design ideas!  I only have two done so far but I foresee a vast pile of dishcloths in my future!  A vast, squishy pile of bright spring and summer shades...

Yup, I'm off to the dishcloth wonderland.  In this wonderland, I have knitted Sorcha a large dishcloth that serves as a cape AND she doesn't bite me when I try to put it on her.  I actually may try that.  Then she can be SuperCat!  The pain will be worth it.
To remind us that spring is afoot!  Also, if nature says purple and yellow look good together, it must be true.  I'm off to knit some crocus colored and shaped dishcloths...

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