Monday, April 2, 2012

Good News Everyone!

One of my patterns was accepted into Tangled Magazine!  Here's the link to the online knitting magazine, if you want to check it out:  I will be adding the project I have titled the "Play Around Cape" to the next issue!

I have also been going through another case of startitis.  Now that Mom's cardigan is finished and gifted (picture below), I thought I'd reevaluate the old stash and find some new things to knit.  That got me to thinking, what do I like to knit?  If I had one accessory, garment, etc. to knit for the rest of my life, what would it be?

The answer was pretty obvious after I looked through all my projects both on the needles and about to be cast on.  Mittens.  I love knitting mittens.  I have able 5 pairs going at the moment and I have my eye on another 6. I am even going to knit a pair for myself!  They are Big Bang Theory themed and say BAZINGA across the middle.  I couldn't resist.

What's your favorite thing to knit?

My mother, on her birthday, wearing her new cardigan and hold her lovely assortment of flowers from her friends and family!


  1. Celia! CONGRATS!!!!!! I am so proud of you! I can't wait to see the pattern!

  2. Great accomplishment Celia! By the way, why is your Mom plugged in?

  3. wooot woot! you da crafty knitting bomb. let us know when it's up on the websiteee!

    ps. miss you ooooodles. and my favorite thing to knit is scarves... since thats about all i can do.