Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Order of Importance

I try to finish my projects in order of importance.  When I have deadlines to meet, I try to get those projects done as soon as possible.  Ideally.  

In reality, my cousin's wedding is in one week and I still have LOTS of work to do on the wedding shawl.  What, you may ask, have I been up to that has prevented me from finishing this shawl?  Well there was some work, a couple of lace shawl designs, a pair of lovely mittens, Harry Potter hexipuffs, two awesome knitting group gatherings, and a Fiber Company hat pattern involved in my procrastination... It's actually a miracle that I even have done what I do...

So I'm off to do some mad sewing, embroidery, mending, blocking, and hair ripping out.  But before I go, I leave you with the image of wisdom:

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