Sunday, April 15, 2012


Instead of writing today, I shall put up pictures of people posing.  Well, Part One of people posing... I have a lot of pics so this will be at least a three part series...

Kyla, world famous pink sunglasses model.

Anna and I re-enacting Twilight.  Only with WAY more giggles.

My best sad face after Anna ran off with Kyla.  After 20 takes, I still couldn't stop laughing.

The artist at her thesis showcase opening!

I got to meet her!  

Laura, knitter extraordinaire, modeling her completed infinity scarf.  So fabulous!

Kyla, world renown dishcloth-hat model!

Anna, getting really into her knitting... We've all been there.  Especially when it comes to maize and blue yarn...

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  1. love all of these pictures!! Miss you already - like, a lot =)