Friday, May 4, 2012

UFO Recovery Mission

I have been finishing UFOs a lot lately.  So, by the time I got around to looking through the UFO bin, there were less than I thought.  These are just a few of the known and unknowns that I found in there.

The UFO bin.  

My Harry Potter hexipuffs!  These will be UFOs for a LONG time.  Each time I finish one, there are still dozens more to go...

  If this appears to you to be a random bag of yarn, you'd be correct.  That is, in fact, what it is.  

The mittens that I've started...4 times now.  I'm still determined to make them...someday.

These lovely little felted squares.  I have lots of them.  Still figuring out what to do about that.

I was very gung-ho about about this tank top until I realized that the 14" of stockinette was only for the front and then there's the back too... 

This one confused me.  The yarn doesn't go with the needles and that piece of paper?  I just scribbled some illegible notes on it.

But there is still hope for the UFOs!  I mean, if I can knit this Justice League scarf, I can do anything!  (Since this photo was taken 2 days ago, I've now got the Wonder Woman square done and am half way through the Batman square!)

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  1. Go Justice League member - vanquish those UFOs!