Monday, May 21, 2012

Heat Wave

Yesterday, mired as we were in the third day of an intense (for May) heat wave, tensions started to grow.  No one wanted to cook so we ate salad and fruit.  Exclusively.  I tried to knit to calm the nerves but my hands were sweating all over my yarn.  Which really puts a damper on things when you are trying to get your Justice League scarf done before your fast approaching birthday.  When the rain finally came to cool us off later that night, I stood outside and revelled in the cool summery shower.

The Justice League scarf is also done.  The Superman block proved to be extremely challenging, however.  I not only had to strand 3 colors simultaneously, I also discovered I had no worsted weight blue yarn!  At all!  So I had to double strand some blue sock weight yarn.  Which meant I was tangling and untangling 4 strands of yarn each row.  By the time I moved on to the 2 color Martian Manhunter block, it felt like the simplest pattern I'd ever knit.

More project updates to come.  In the meantime, I am off to enjoy the slightly cooler but still sunny weather!

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