Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plaid PJs

We all have things that make us feel better when we are ill.  I personally like to loll about in my plaid footy PJs, watching Disney movies, and drinking lemon/garlic tea.  Which is what I'll be doing once I'm done updating you all.

The UFO phenomenon has infiltrated the rest of my life!  Earlier I decided to look through my document folder titled "Books" to see what brilliant literary ideas I had followed for 3 pages or so before abandoning.  To my surprise, I have 2 books that are about halfway written!  Seriously.  I wrote 70 pages or so of each and then just left them.  That is what school, travel, and life will do to you.  Now the question remains, should I finish them?

To remind myself that the sun does shine every once in a while, I will share some pictures I took last week (before all this gray sky/rain nonsense).

The Moo Cow Infinity scarf, drying gently in the sun.

The Sunset Mittens.

Hark!  There be things growing in the sandy pit that we call the backyard!

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