Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Knitting

I have a friend who puts her needles and yarn away as soon as the weather warms.  I, personally, have no idea how she can do this.  Even when I am very ill, I still try to put in a few rows of garter stitch a day.  However, I understand the discomforting challenge involved with knitting wool in extreme heat.  But that's why we have so many different fibers right?  Cotton, linen, bamboo...  All good fibers for summer projects.

Last summer I knit my sister a lace cardigan out of a cotton sock weight yarn and my dad a grocery bag out of a thick hemp.  The cardigan was a fabulous project but I don't actually recommend knitting with hemp.  It's rather unforgiving and harsh on the hands.

This summer I have plans for a couple of lace projects, some projects in cotton, and perhaps even little projects out of wool.  Definitely no sweaters until the temperature cools again!

The one thing that I haven't mastered is beach knitting.  Any ideas for something that I can knit in the bright sun and sand?

In other news, I matted and framed this photo for my grandma's birthday this weekend!  Hope she likes it.

The Florida sunset.  Nokomis beach, Florida

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