Monday, May 28, 2012

Time. It Passes.

This, folks, is my project update.

Update:  I have a lot of knitting projects going.  Some well.  Some terribly.  A few are partially frogged.  So pretty typical there.  As always, I am behind on the photo taking front but I'll take some soon!

The second wedding shawl is gorgeous.  I can't get enough of it.  Which will make it extra hard to give away...

The Justice League scarf is blocking!  Another of my absolute favorites.  And I DO get to keep that one.

Some of the others include a cute little baby cardigan, a pair of lacy leg warmers, a drawstring purse, more felting madness, and a shawl of my own design, among other things.

On a side note, check out these pictures of Aquaman.  Here's the original:

And the updated:

Strange how things change, no?  Then check this Aquaman:

I think the tritony whippy thing actually IS his hand.  

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