Monday, July 2, 2012

My Other Passions

This weekend I got the chance to explore one of my other passions; wedding planning.  Now, as many of you know and were present during, I have done wedding planning before with mixed results.  It is a tough job.  Essentially you are the people pleaser for the day, running this way and that, ensuring that everyone is happy, well fed, and not too drunk.  The best compliment you can get from the bride and groom is "I don't think anything went wrong.  Everything turned out great!"

I could not have asked for more kind, grateful, or generous people at this wedding!  One of my favorite moments was during dinner when people who had a message for the couple just came up to the microphone and gave their toast, no formalities needed.  These words were more personal and meaningful than any of the speeches I've heard at all the weddings I've been to.

The thing I learned from the experience, though, is that I cannot do this wedding planning thing very often.  It completely wore me out!  Well, that is why it is one of many things that I am passionate about.

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