Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello from Florida!

I thought about getting out of my Batman pjs before noon today but then my grandmother reminded me that I'm on vacation so I don't need to.  How silly of me.

Yesterday was a long day of plane travel with a sick woman who went almost entirely deaf on the plane (yes, I do mean my mother).  I tried to just knit and listen to my Kelly Clarkson but she kept yelling to me.  Oh boy.  I must say though, knitting really helps with the plane travel.  I have never been a big fan of being crammed into a confined space with tons of strangers while we are thousands of feet in the air.  Thankfully I decided to knit some crazy, patternless, fingerless, gloves that keep me quite busy throughout the flights.

 The beach in Nokomis.  It was a lovely evening until...
 ...we got attacked by seagulls.  Very Alfred Hitchcock.
I did make a new friend though!  Yes, she is a bee.

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