Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh the Things You Can Do With Yarn!

It's been a long time since I posted and now I have lots to say, so hold on tight!

I have been meaning to talk about knitting as art for while and now seems like a great time.  I think we all, knitters and especially non-knitters, tend to think of knitting as a practical skill rather than an artistic talent.  Can't it be both?  Sure a hardy, warm sweater is knit for the practical purpose of keeping the wearer warm throughout the winter months, but what about the patterns in Knitting On Top of the World?  Those are not simply garments or projects, they are pieces of art.

In my favorite book 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters, they highlight Rania Hassan, an artist who combines painting and knitting to create pieces that are truly inspired.  Here's a picture of her work from the book,

Speaking of things you can do with yarn, here's the update on my own projects!  Now that I am back home, I have finally had a chance to take stock, figure out what I've done and start doing more!

The color work hat is knit!  I cast off last night and I am so thrilled with the results.  As soon as I block it, there will be pictures.

The lace tank top is also knit!  However, it needs a lot of finishing, a little crochet edging, and some serious blocking.  My grandpa said it looks like a fish yeah, I have my work cut out for me!

I decided to knit some wrist warmers while I was on the plane.  They are my own pattern and look a little weird at the moment.  I'm confident that once I cover them in buttons and flowers, however, they will be awesome.

The wedding shawl has taken a short hiatus because I broke one of my needles.  One of my lovely rosewood needles.   Yes, there were tears involved.

The birthday present, though, is cruising along quite nicely!  I am on the last piece of it and then there is the usual blocking and sewing.  Soon, though, I will be able to reveal to you all the finished piece and the lucky recipient!

I have gotten sidetracked with knitting little bunnies so the hexipuffs are also on hiatus... So far they haven't multiplied but you never know.

I PROMISE there will be pictures of everything up soon!  Until then, toodles!

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  1. I sent you the letter today!!! Glad to have you back in MI. I don't know when I talked you last but I'm moving to Alabama!!! <3