Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Radio Silent

Not really.  But I will be traveling over the next few days and the next time I will write to you, it will be from Florida!  (you have permission to be terribly jealous of me now :)

Like any good knitter, I have spent the past two days agonizing over which projects to bring with me.  I need enough knitting to last me for two weeks but I also have some projects that need to be finished asap.  Finally I decided on Hannah's lace tank top, the wedding shawl, the birthday present, the fair isle hat, yarn to make another fair isle hat (should I ever finish the first), and my drop spindle with roving.

I realize I have a tendency to dramatically over pack but in this case, I am hoping that all of these will be enough to keep me busy!

For those of you who are lucky enough to miss the TC Snowpocalypse 2012, here's a picture of the 17" of snow we got and the giant tree branch that fell in our front yard:

I have not been fulfilling my promise to post obnoxious amounts of cat photos!  So here's the little demon herself:

Oh who am I kidding.  She's really a big soft ball of fur:

Bon voyage!

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  1. Have a good time Celia! (and yes, I am very envious of your freedom!) Love you to bits, and can't wait to see you sometime soon!!!