Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dolphins 'n' Things

So here I am, still writing to you from the poolside in Florida!  It is ridiculously early in the morning because everyone goes to sleep when it's dark out and wakes up with the sun.  Unless you're my grandma, who's up between 3am and 5am every morning.

We have been quite busy here, trying to keep up with all the park activities.  Yesterday I sold some of my cards and knitted items in the park craft show!  Hilarious.  These men and women sell every other Saturday from 9-12.  Of course, you have to get there at 8 to set up and be ready for the shoppers who inevitably arrive early.  Everyone gets everywhere at least a half hour early.  And then they all leave the second the event is over. Imagine how much easier event planning would be if everyone everywhere did that!  You'd have weddings that got done at 9pm without a single drunk guest refusing to leave!  

This is the sunset drum circle on the beach that we went to see yesterday.  There were definitely a couple of hundred people there.  

Today we have another busy day.  Mom and I are going to make a bold canoeing attempt before the ice cream social and the park variety show (which starts at 7:30pm but doors open at 6:15pm.  Seriously.)

I promised you dolphins are here they are!  They swim in between the two jetties on Nokomis beach, looking for fish and eating the bait off the end of people's fishing poles.

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