Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where have you been?

Hopefully some of you die hard fans of mine have been asking yourselves just that.  Where are my entertaining blog posts to get you through your day?

Well my dears, I have been occupied with other projects than my knitting (!!!)  Shocking.  My friends from Ann Arbor came to visit and boy are they distracting in the best way possible!  We had lots of romping adventures and I got to practice my photography.  Here's our best shot:

Yesterday I pickled some beets.  We ran out of sugar so they are VERY vinegary.  I am considering making warning labels. 

Now that everyone's gone and the beets are pickling, I have pulled on my plaid pj shorts over my pink sweatpants and have just sat down to start some new projects.


  1. I loved all the pictures! the pickled beets sound delicious! I'm glad you reminded me of beets because I've been meaning to add them to my salads - I will do that when I go home this weekend =D

  2. The beets are FABULOUS. They took me to my happy place :) I don't think they need a warning label...but that's me lol. It was so fun to have another knitting/spinning/coffee/chatty night! Also, seriously cool picture.