Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lace in the Face

For the past few days I have been trying to avoid struggling with my sister's commissioned lace tank top, knit on the largest needles with the tiniest yarn.  Normally I am up to the challenge of lace knitting.  I love the intricate patterns that require my whole concentration.  I love the delicate colors of the yarns.  I particularly love how impressive the piece looks once it's blocked.  Starting out lace projects?  That I do not love.

Today, however, I had a breakthrough.  I have finally become used to the silk/alpaca lace yarn, the needles are cooperating, and I have the stitch markers in the right place!  I may even be seeing some semblance of a pattern!  Either that or it's a mistake.  Can you tell I have a love/hate relationship with knitting lace?

Despite my personal emotions, I think every knitter should try a lace pattern at least once.  To ensure that it is a fruitful test, I have a few tips to share.

Celia's Tips on Knitting Lace
1. Write the pattern out on index cards or develop your own method of breaking it down row by row.  That way you can keep track of where you are.

2. Place a stitch marker after each pattern repeat.  That way, if you make a mistake, you can catch it quickly.

3. Remember that lace is bunchy and lumpy until its been blocked.  There is a HUGE difference between blocked and unblocked projects.

Now, as a treat for me and you, I will share the project that I have been ogling for over a month.

It's the Beekeeper's Quilt by tiny owl knits.  There's really no way around it.  I must knit it.

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