Friday, January 20, 2012

Appreciation? I'm not so sure.

Anna wanted to know if Sorcha appreciated her Christmas mice that I knit for her.  Here's the surviving one:

The other one had been reduced to a pile of stuffing.  This one, though it is mostly in tact, has lost quite a bit of it's tail and stuffing.

I do believe that somewhere in her cat brain, Sorcha is telling me she loves her presents.  However, if one of you ever ripped apart one of my knitted gifts with your teeth, I'd probably cry.  And then have you committed.


  1. Hmmmm. I think I would run and hide if I did that to something you made... Or did she?

    Hope to see you tomorrow!!!

  2. A note from my good friend Susan:
    I love your blog! I'm a BIG fan. I'm so glad I comissioned you to make me some of your creations. I've received soooo many compliments on the headwrap. Can't wait to see the cape. Your spinning and fiber dyes are beautiful. I heard through some of your other fans that you're planning a knitting festival---sign me up! What a great event idea. Susan p.s. Your business cards are fun, pretty and unique!