Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's WHAT Time?

That, friends, is how I feel every time I look at the clock.  I spent quite a long time this morning changing the whole layout of my blog, only to decide in the end that I liked it better how I had it in the first place!  So much craziness is happening right now, it's a wonder I can remember to do anything.  I flipped out for a while earlier because I thought I had missed my dental appointment only to discover that it's actually tomorrow.  Those are the kind of odds I'm up against as I struggle to be productive.

On a happier note, my spinning is going very well indeed!  I hand-dyed some wool on Monday night with my two knitting gals, Kat and Kelly!  Fun night, good company, and, of course, crazy cats!  Don't worry, I've included a picture.

I have also almost finished spinning up some lovely silk and merino fiber that I got at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo last fall.  I have plans for it but they're secret.

The key to this spinning success?  Some KnitPicks podcasts and PG Wodehouse books on tape.  I love the podcasts because they are inspirational and educational.  Kinda like the PBS of knitting.  As for Mr. Wodehouse, well...he's just my favorite.  I love the tales of the cavorting Wooster who's always getting himself engaged to ridiculous women and his gentleman's personal gentleman, Jeeves, who then has to get him out of the situation.  Never hear of either?  Check them out.  You won't regret it.  Or you might but that's not really my fault now is it?


  1. love the colors!! I spun mine up yesterday, pics to follow

  2. Celia - I LOVE how those colors turned out! Kelly- I can't wait to see pics!

    Too much fun ladies. Must do again soon....but have to get more wool ;)