Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Many Projects!!!

Early this morning, my sister asked me which knitting project she should start on next.  As if I could be responsible for choosing what another person has a strong desire to create!  I don't even do that for new knitters.  Instead I give the knitter the tools to knit anything and the resources to find some lovely free patterns.  A knitting project takes time, effort, and commitment.  Thus the odds of actually completing something go up exponentially when it is a project you love.

Knitting can take many forms, like these awesome knitted
bracelets, for example.  Pattern available on Ravelry.
I find I am most excited about my knitting when I have a number of projects going; some easy, some difficult, and all interesting.  Thus for the new years I treated myself after my rush of Christmas present knitting and started 11 new projects.  I then also made a prioritized list of what I'm knitting and when I thought each project could be completed by.

If that sounds like WAY too much work and not fun at all, don't do it.  Maybe your strategy is to knit one project through to completion and then start a new one.  That's great too.  Just remember to choose something YOU are excited to knit, not what someone else (even a wise knitter) thinks you should knit.

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  1. By the way, it's all your fault. I now have a blog on here too...and I like the format a lot.