Monday, February 27, 2012

The Morning After

After an excellent weekend with Alicia, I am quite exhausted.

The Oscar party last night was fabulous!  I am talking all out glam and bling.  Although I was too busy tabulating votes to knit, Kat and Jane held down the fort, knitting wise.  Now, true to morning-after-a-big-party tradition, my thoughts are muddled and I am finding this typing challenging.  Solution?  Pictures!

Jane being a busy bee with her lovely silk hankies (from Briar Rose Fibers)!

Kat succumbs to exhaustion and caffeine.  Being a glam queen is hard work!

I may not have been knitting but I was tap dancing!  Or trying to.  It's on my to do list:
1. Learn to tap dance
2. Have a superhero birthday party
3. Find some burlap sacks and make things out of them

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